Get Baby Smooth Skin with this Super Food

1205340_52859361Do you know why your skin becomes rough and dry as you grow older? What really causes skin to deteriorate is aging itself. With aging comes the decrease in collagen, which is what makes skin soft and pliable.

If the amount of collagen in the skin drops, then the skin becomes tougher and sort of thickens. The dryness is brought about by the decrease of the oil produced on the skin. This is because your oil glands become less active and this causes your skin to dry out. It is true that you cannot reverse the signs of aging completely, but you can delay it, and nothing is better that using super foods to do this job for you.

For this job, Mother Nature assigned, among the other super foods, the proudly red and juicy strawberry. Although it does not contain collagen, the strawberry is a fruit that is packed with vitamin A and C, two of the most important vitamins when it comes to delaying skin aging. It is also excellent in detoxification, which is essential in everything from weight loss to clarifying skin. Eating two to three servings of strawberries each day really help a great deal in skin renewal. You can also make a strawberry facial mask. All you have to do is mash up some strawberries and apply that on your skin. The seeds of the strawberry have an exfoliating effect that gets rid of dead cells. So after gently rubbing it all over your face, wash it off completely with water.

Strawberries taste great on their own. In fact, they also work best when eaten alone. So as much as possible, each them fresh without anything else on them! It may be hard to resist the temptation of dipping it in sweet cream, but this is a sacrifice that you will be proud you made.