One Super Food Luscious Locks

1153431_64677119If there are super foods for weight loss, then there is one for luscious and wonderful hair.

A lot of researches show that protein is essential in having long beautiful locks. But if you are not a big meat eater or you are on a diet that keeps you from eating too much meat, then the next best alternative – eggs and egg whites. This is because the albumen, or the white part of the egg is rich in protein and the yolks are rich in vitamin A, which is essential to long hair. The protein in egg whites is as good as the protein in meat, only without all the fat. You get the animal grade protein while skipping the fattening and cholesteric stuff. Eat around three to four medium sized eggs a week to see the difference. Or, you can beat up some egg whites and brush it onto your hair for about ten minutes once a week. If you have dandruff, there you will see it alleviating. Just make sure you rinse it off properly, or else it will dry up or matt your hair up.

Super foods are really much better than just buying shampoos and conditioners to treat your hair. Other than the fact that these ingredients are natural and non-irritating, it is also a very good way to save money. For example, instead of buying the expensive high-end keratin shampoos, go for the normal ones that simply take the dirt and oil out of your hair and rely on egg whites for the gloss, shine and health of your hair. You do not really have to go to an expensive hair expert to get your hair treated and rejuvenated. After all, who can beat Mother Nature in hair care expertise? Switching to egg whites will surely be a trade that you will not regret.