Super Food for a Great Manicure/Pedicure

1162606_58644880You know what can make your nails tougher and smoother? It is not the fake nails and the nail polish that will do the trick. The manicure and pedicure, which in its process will take off the uppermost layer of your nails, will inevitably damage your nails.

The strong chemicals within the nail polish and the nail polish remover will also cause your nails to be dry and brittle. It is not really a big problem, brittle nails, but if you are fond of growing your nails, then you better take better care of them or else it will lead to a very painful nail breakage, which will definitely destroy your manicure. So aside from avoiding pushing your cuticles too hard and putting harsh nail polish, there is a solution to your problem and all you might have to do is to open your kitchen cabinet.

One of the best ways to harden and rejuvenate brittle nails is by using one of the best super foods, which is olive oil. This is one of the most acclaimed food item from the super foods category because it may be a form of fat, but it is healthier and when used on the skin, can provide a big moisturizing and nourishing effect. It also works on nails, too. All you have to do is to get a small container and pour olive oil into it. The purer the olive oil, the better. That means that you have to choose that most virgin of the lot, which is often extra virgin olive oil. This kind of olive oil comes from the very first collection, so it is the purest form of olive oil. It is also the most potent. Just dip your fingers into the bowl and leave it there for around 15-30 minutes. Olive oil contains not only nourishing fat but also vitamin E, which helps improve the look and feel of nails.