Super Foods are Better Than Hot Oil

1211387_79355129What makes healthy hair? Is it the styling? Is it the coloring and the oh-so-perfect perm? Perhaps you would think that it is the regimen that salons have introduced into the market like re-bonding and the very famous hot oil that makes healthy hair.

But honestly, what makes hair good-looking?…..Protein, complex carbohydrates and vitamins present in healthy and wholesome food. Sounds too general? Well, it is general because you have to maintain a healthy body to keep its parts healthy, as well. You cannot expect someone deficient in some vitamin or another to have naturally strong, silky and shiny hair. Healthy hair is even one of the signs of a healthy, balanced body. So you do not really have to visit your salon as often. You just have to eat a healthy balanced diet and you are priming your body to prettify your hair.

Focusing on chicken as one of the super foods for healthy hair has a lot of reasons. As long as you eat the recommended portion, remember one portion looks like a deck of cards, everyday, chicken can give you much of the protein that your hair needs. Protein is the ‘hair starter’ and the building blocks of hair growth. While your keratin shampoo can help your hair become smoother, it does so from the outside, instead of repairing the protein deficiency that the body has from within. After all, protein deficiency is the number one reason why hair becomes dull and lifeless.

See all those conditioners, hair treatments and shampoos that say that it contains brown rice? The reason why these kinds of shampoos are supposed to get the job done is because of the fiber and B vitamins found in brown rice. But unfortunately, there is very little brown rice extract that can be found in these cosmetic products and the preservatives in them totally outweigh whatever good thing the brown rice can bring. So instead of taking your complex carbohydrates from a shampoo bottle, you might find it more helpful to just eat the brown rice. It is a very good substitute for your mashed potatoes or bread. It is filling, it has fiber and it has the essential Vitamin B that really makes hair shinier and healthier. You can also consider brown rice as another of the super foods for hair.

One thing that you have to remember, that sometimes, because of vanity, people tend to prettify themselves by buying this and that cosmetics without really understanding the true concept of beautifying certain parts of the body. Hair is probably the best example. There are many hair care products out there that contain a myriad of ingredients and people buy them instead of just eating good food that are rich in hair enriching vitamins and protein. Take better care of your body, and the rest is sure to follow.