Get Your Summer Body With Some Super Foods

1158057_96346893When summer comes around and you are invited to beach parties where you will be putting on a bikini and a pair of shades you want to be bikini-ready. Perhaps you need to shed a few pounds to really get into that summer bikini mode. If you are, then these are super foods that can help you get in shape and be slim enough to get into the more daring and lower cut pieces, without needing to starve yourself.

First is brown rice. Yes, rice can be fattening and the rice can really pack on the pounds. So is brown rice really going to help? The answer is yes, compared to eating bread, honey biscuits and mashed potatoes, brown rice is really a good alternative for weight loss. It is even one of the super foods that are often featured in health magazines and health shows. Not only does it have vitamin E and B complex, it also has complex carbohydrates that release energy in an extended amount of time. This means that when you eat brown rice, you feel full for a longer period of time. Think about it. If you are not hungry often, so you eat less and the body will have less food to convert into fat. It will even use up the stored fat that you have in the body to produce more energy. So it not only keeps you from getting fatter, it stimulates the body to burn more of its body fat. Therefore, it helps you lose weight.

Other than it keeping you full for a longer time, it also contains a huge amount of fiber which helps the body eliminate bad cholesterol and toxins. So it actually detoxifies your body and rids it of the waste products. Brown rice is also helpful in regulating bowel movement, which is essential in weight loss.