What is the healthiest way to cook?

Our mission here at  http://ThatsSuperFood.com is to provide you with information that will help you eat healthier! In our effort to do that, we suggest different foods that will help you in different areas. Obviously you really need to consult with your doctor before you adopt any of our suggestions. Giving you a list of the healthiest foods to eat does not do you any good, even if you follow our suggestions, UNLESS you cook them properly.

We all have heard that many times we overcook our foods and by the time we are done, all the nutrients or the majority of the nutrients are gone. So what is the benefit under that case? No benefit!

I was shocked when I found out how many nutrients were lost due overcooking them. Traditional ways of cooking, can deplete vitamins such as vitamin C and B as much as 80%  by boiling the food too long. Can you imagine that? You choose to eat specific foods because of the nutrients they provide, you pay a lot of money to make sure that food is organic, and we end up destroying up to 80% of the nutrients by cooking it too much. So what is the secret? Science has the secret. There have been studies that analyzed the best ways to cook different kinds of foods so they best keep their nutrients!

So, here at http://ThatsSuperFood.com we decided to offer you a series of posts that will explain to you the best ways to cook different kinds of food, so they will best maintain their nutrients for your benefit! Please tell your relatives and friends to read these posts, so they also will learn the best way to cook different kinds of food to keep the highest possible nutritional benefits!

Do we have to eat food raw to keep all the nutritional benefits?

There are few legitimate reasons to cook food. They include, food safety, increase of nutrients when they are cooked for some foods, to make the food taste better and to make the food easier to digest! The answer to the above question is that some foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds and most vegetables do not require any cooking. There are other foods that will make you sick if not cooked. Other will make you sick over time because they release toxins if not cook. We will be going over all these options so you will know what to do with different foods!

fresh_broccoli_is_nasty_t_shirts-p2359726471919248283sg9_400Quality of food

Factors that influence the quality of food:

Organic, In season, In it’s natural habitat!

The best quality food is food that is organically grown, that it was grown during it’s natural season and it was grown in it’s natural habitat, in other words it was not grown in a lab. The befits of eating organic food is well known. Food that was grown in a lab obviously is not going to have the highest amount of nutrients. Food in season is preferred because it is most nutrient-packed. These are the factors that influence the quality of the food.

Is fresh food better than frozen?

Everything else being equal, fresh food is better then frozen in terms of nutrients. The reason being that when food goes thru the freezing and unfreezing process it looses nutrients.

The issue that makes this decision more difficult is that many times the food that is compared is not similar. For example, if we compare fresh food that is organic and in season and was grown in its natural environment, it will always be better then frozen food. But, if the fresh food is not organic or in season, but the frozen option was frozen in season and was organic, then the frozen option will be better.

To summarize, in deciding if fresh food is better then frozen the answer is that it is, as long as the quality of both foods is the same. If the quality of the frozen food is better then the fresh food, then it is better to eat frozen food!

Please come back over the next few days to read detail new posts on how to properly cook different kinds of food while still keeping most of its nutrients!