Super Foods for Beautiful Skin

Isolated avocadoYou can start taking better care of your skin with by using all-natural and skin friendly ingredients. Forget about the fancy solutions and facials that you get in the salon and in various beauty boutiques because what you need to do to have beautiful skin can be found in the grocery and fruit stands.

When you make your own facial wash and other beauty products, you are sure that they are preservative-free and completely natural. You can be sure that unless you are allergic to the product itself, there will be no allergens that will irritate your skin. Plus, they are simply yummy and fun to do! This is even a great bonding time for you are your girl friends.

First two super foods for the skin are oatmeal and avocado. Oatmeal has a lot of nutrients like calcium and potassium, magnesium and vitamins E and B and even a bit of protein. These are essential in cell regeneration, which in turn is the process where the skin and the body heals itself. So scars go away faster and wrinkles are postponed. Sun damage is also easily repaired, as well. You can eat a serving of oatmeal everyday to see the results, and for a double dose of oatmeal power, you can mix it with some honey and lemon to make a soothing face mask. The rough texture of oatmeal makes it a good ex-foliant.

One of best super foods, avocado, on the other hand, is a naturally rich and gentle moisturizer that is high in antioxidants and good healthy fats that soften and renew your skin. With regular use, avocado can be the solution to dry, flaky and rough skin. A good weekly regimen for avocado is a home facial. Steam your face with some rose water. Just take some rose petals and dump them in a pot of boiling water. After a minute or so, take the pot from the stove and with a towel, form a tent over your head as you place it up and over the pot. Allow the steam to open your pores. After that, get an avocado and mash it all up with a fork or in a blender. You may add honey or even oatmeal. After this, apply the mix on your face and leave on for ten minutes. After that, rinse off with very cold water to close the pores and right then and there you will feel the renewed softness on your skin. Of course eating avocado is also important, as the fiber and the antioxidants will help detoxify the body and clear out your skin.

Caring for your skin does not have to be so costly. Sometimes, you do not really need the treatments available in the market today, which can sometimes irritate or even burn your skin. Using the foods mentioned above, you can have radiant and brilliant skin that you have been dying to obtain. Just make sure that you also follow good hygiene and avoid stress and long hours. With a little effort, you are on your way to star-perfect skin.